4ft Pimp
4ft Pimp

ULU, London

1st June 2007

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Visit Auntie Greg

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Coke + iTunes music event / warm-up / rub-down. Probably the biggest gig (and opportunity) 4ft Pimp have had so far! We NEED your support to push us to further gigs supporting signed acts at top UK and European venues. Pleeeeease come and support us! Its free, after all!


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A selection of the comments we've received about this gig.

Well done lads, the best show yet! Love the new look. We even managed to get some 4ft pimp memorabilia from the burglar box! Liverpool next, then the world!

Gary & Karen

you f?@&*£g rocked...best i've ever heard you play. Quite clearly stunning.

suze barker

Brilliant, you were absolutely mindblowing. Never seen you play so well. Onwards and upwards!!!!!!!


Bloody brilliant! 5ft Pimp rocking it for the world.. I mean.. 4ft Pimp :p

Emma Moore

Best gig I've ever seen you play. And I've seen a few. Plus I analyse. And you did well. Very well. So well done.

David Simon