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The 4ft Pimp website is no longer being updated. For the latest news see our Myspace or Facebook pages.

4ft Pimp - Victo-rockers

Back for one night only!

In loving memory of Kieran Ambrose, 4ft Pimp are coming together for One Last Drastic Measure. Proceeds from the gig will go to the Elizabeth Loury ward at Southend University Hospital.

Further details on the Facebook event page.

4ft Pimp are a quaint, gentlemanly hard rock outfit from Southend-on-Sea consisting of Greg Kiss, Liam Ambrose, Nick Durant, Graham Walker and Andrew 'Milne' Moore. Against the grain of the current craze for more formulaic rock acts, the pimps' bizarre yet funky blend of Zappa-esque lyrics and heaving rock sounds makes them an intriguing prospect. They are blue collar rockers; constantly tweaking notes and arguing over time signatures. The big riffs, solos, harmonies, effect-laden tunes and dry lyrical humour prove the 4ft Pimp ethos to be if something's worth doing, it's worth doing right.

Renowned for their aversion to the sane, the Pimps live to challenge and confuse both themselves and their audience. So, with their hearts in thumb-sucking rock and their minds in the gutter, they could fast become your favourite purveyors of aural pornography.

Hacked By Cloner

Hacked By Cloner

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Last Gig

Chinnery's, Southend-on-Sea
Saturday December 27th 2014 at 20:00
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