I'm here if you need a shoulder to cry on,
Two heads are better than one,
We can tackle your problems,
It can be lots of fun!

Forget Deidre, now everyone's favourite marching Auntie has his own agony column, exclusively for 4ft Pimp. Whatever the crisis, be it large or small, tall or short, Auntie Greg is there to embrace you in his bosom, lie you on his couch and cure you of your ails over a steaming mug of bovril. He'll take you hand in hand and inevitably lead you down the road to salvation. Submit your problems to Auntie Greg here.

Hear Auntie Greg singing I Will Survive.


Auntie Greg's previous patients went head to head to find the Nation's Favourite Problem. The results are now available here.

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From lily pad to lily pad, how mindlessly we hop along
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