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Title Submitted by Date
October Podcast ProblemMarkos Sun 4th November 2007 10:17am
August Podcast ProblemKate Bush Sun 4th November 2007 10:15am
Johnny Cash...Mike Cleethorpe Fri 20th July 2007 5:22pm
The ties that bindPerplexed Wed 11th October 2006 12:31pm
Neil MorrisseyGryselda Mon 11th September 2006 10:09pm
Lurve...gtntc Wed 16th August 2006 11:26am
EarthwormsJon Wed 16th August 2006 11:18am
Pride and PrejudiceP Fri 11th August 2006 10:24am
Supermanian Fri 16th June 2006 8:41pm
Pervert!Alice 'im such a queen' Cooper Tue 6th June 2006 7:34pm
Sandwiches and the mediaJon Sat 13th May 2006 10:36pm
Doctor in the house...The Unloved Doctor Wed 3rd May 2006 11:34pm
A friend in need...Anonymous Tue 2nd May 2006 11:44am
Teen love life!He who shall not be named..... Wed 8th February 2006 8:28pm
A price on her head?David Wed 8th February 2006 8:14pm
Explorer!Anonymous (for obvious reasons) Wed 8th February 2006 8:04pm
An UltimatumAnonymous Sat 31st December 2005 2:46pm
The 100th ProblemN M Topping Thu 1st December 2005 1:16am
Who are you?who? Wed 30th November 2005 6:35pm
SlutI.H. Wed 30th November 2005 6:30pm
SelfishL.W. Wed 30th November 2005 6:28pm
No Flapjack!SIR FLAPJACK Sat 5th November 2005 5:55pm
Grunge!Eddie Vedder Stalker Thu 29th September 2005 12:28pm
A Gay Following?Big Gay Following Wed 28th September 2005 10:25am
Matters of the heart... (Three steps to heaven!)anon Sun 25th September 2005 9:54pm
Up Your JumperKayla Sun 25th September 2005 9:23pm
A Correction...The True Super Jew Thu 22nd September 2005 5:28pm
The Good Doctoranon Wed 21st September 2005 4:49pm
ExposedJames Blunt Wed 21st September 2005 4:45pm
Cheapened by the DozenSteve Mon 19th September 2005 12:27pm
The Bearded LadyCurly Davey The English Lady Mon 19th September 2005 12:08pm
CheeseCharlotte Mon 19th September 2005 11:58am
Danger, danger!Paul Robinson Fri 16th September 2005 10:40pm
Adoption IISteph Fri 16th September 2005 10:39pm
Adoption IBree Timmins Tue 6th September 2005 1:04pm
The Odd One OutFanny Sun 21st August 2005 7:38pm
Jewish?Super Jew Thu 18th August 2005 11:30am
ScrewdriverTerrance Norisworth Fri 12th August 2005 11:51am
A dateAnonymous (but you know me really) Thu 4th August 2005 12:56pm
Klan Klan Mon 25th July 2005 12:59pm
The Magic of ComedyTom Tue 28th June 2005 10:31pm
PornographyHeratio "i need felatio" Nelson Wed 8th June 2005 3:33pm
Autistic Paraplegic Eskimo LepersClint Sun 29th May 2005 7:27pm
Paraplegic Eskimo LeperBarry the Eskimo Thu 26th May 2005 6:21pm
Hare today...'Handsome' Dan 'Hollywood' Sanchez Mon 23rd May 2005 8:59pm
Sorry, was that offensive?Cpt. Kiddy-fiddler Wed 11th May 2005 12:58pm
Greg Kiss...Greg Kiss Tue 12th April 2005 2:32pm
Computer GamingLolita the Bubble Goddess Wed 6th April 2005 12:16pm
Another happy chappie!Meg****** Thu 31st March 2005 5:26pm
An UpdateStevey Wed 30th March 2005 7:46pm
Want a new man in your life?Steve Sun 13th March 2005 4:39pm
Free?Shirley & Pepsi Thu 10th March 2005 6:37pm
Putting the fun back in fundamentalism! More like the Mental!Trey Orist *putting the fun back in fundamentalist* Tue 1st March 2005 6:50pm
This is a newsagents not a library!Dear Deidre Tue 1st March 2005 6:29pm
Harry Potter and the Rancid Kipperyou-know-who Mon 21st February 2005 4:52pm
What does that mean?inquisitive fan Wed 19th January 2005 1:32pm
Cyber-Worries!miss x Tue 18th January 2005 12:10am
Dave's SolutionAuntie Greg Sun 2nd January 2005 11:00pm
Anon's SolutionAuntie Greg Sat 1st January 2005 6:55pm
Andy's SolutionAuntie Greg Sat 1st January 2005 6:54pm
Auntie Greg Needs You!Auntie Greg Tue 28th December 2004 3:24pm
Nothing like preaching.Richard Tue 28th December 2004 3:06pm
DeceptionUncle Keith Tue 28th December 2004 2:57pm
I'm always here to listenAnonymous Tue 14th December 2004 5:34pm
It was my dogs fault.David Blunkett Mon 6th December 2004 4:19pm
Address???? Sun 5th December 2004 4:21pm
This one didn't warrant a replyA. Nonymous Fri 3rd December 2004 12:43am
The 50thside parting sam Wed 1st December 2004 5:05pm
It's Been a WhileMcLaughlin Wed 1st December 2004 4:46pm
Describe this penis to eyed Wed 1st December 2004 4:30pm
O Holy OneSimon Mon 29th November 2004 6:53pm
Drug Induced Problemscared! Mon 29th November 2004 6:39pm
A stitch in time saves pie.pie man! Thu 25th November 2004 11:51am
Problems with 'Manhood'Confused of Canterbury Thu 25th November 2004 11:44am
Dress CodeAn Aspiring Pimp Without A Shirt Wed 24th November 2004 12:09pm
The Sheep of Titsville LodgeSheepless is Seatle Tue 23rd November 2004 8:08pm
Manhoodtheboywith4pubichairs Mon 22nd November 2004 11:38pm
CD DistributionBONGO Mon 15th November 2004 2:21pm
The secret of the black sheepJack Mon 1st November 2004 6:07pm
The DoorsSimon (aka God) Thu 28th October 2004 4:23pm
You are sadly mistaken!Bobble-Hatted Sat 11th September 2004 1:20pm
True GrrrrrrrrrrritMastolover Tue 17th August 2004 10:32pm
Honesty is the best policyHypercondriac Tue 17th August 2004 10:28pm
I'm so confused!Theodore The Fragile Fri 6th August 2004 11:21pm
I'm on it!Grieved Fri 6th August 2004 11:15pm
Hail to the thief!Wallet and Key Thief Kellers Sat 19th June 2004 6:34pm
This must stop here!Snowy Tue 15th June 2004 12:23pm
Rubin! Here boy!Worried of Wolverhampton Sun 13th June 2004 1:11pm
Dog Problem Vol. 2The bigger bitch Mon 7th June 2004 2:08pm
Dog Problem Vol. 1Dog lover, Preston Mon 7th June 2004 2:01pm
What a nerve!Horse in a man-shaped costume, from Barry Sun 30th May 2004 6:21pm
I feel your pain?Bobby-Sue, Kansas City Sun 30th May 2004 6:17pm
An Old FriendOld Man Bitensky Mon 24th May 2004 1:10pm
My first ReferralVertically challenged Potato Peeler Fri 23rd April 2004 1:25pm
Human (fluid) SacrificeFun Sat 10th April 2004 7:25pm
Another one?Joeyjoejoejuniorshabbadoo. Sat 10th April 2004 7:21pm
Power Wolves Beset Your DoorFleesham, Grabbett and Runne Sun 28th March 2004 3:54pm
Uh oh!!!Liam; under fire! Sun 21st March 2004 11:26pm
A Simple SolutionArchibald the Dyslexic Agnostic Insomniac Thu 18th March 2004 6:26pm
Gorgonzola, gorgonzola, gorgonzola...cheesey wotsits Thu 18th March 2004 4:54pm
Needless to say...A.Partridge Thu 18th March 2004 4:50pm
An Age Old QuestionConfused and/or scared Thu 18th March 2004 4:47pm
It's Gonna Blow...Mad Cap Scientist Wed 17th March 2004 6:48pm
If Only There Was Another Way...Ralph Wed 17th March 2004 4:21pm
Come On Down!Andyonymous Wed 17th March 2004 4:13pm
Heavens Above!God Wed 17th March 2004 4:11pm
A tough one...Worried, from Antwerp Tue 16th March 2004 4:23pm
It's a preference, not a fetish!Conrad Toller Tue 16th March 2004 4:14pm
Does this smell like Chloroform?Anonymous Tue 16th March 2004 12:14pm
The Only Way Is Up?The only Gay in the Village Mon 15th March 2004 10:37pm
I'm at home, whilst you're ducking out!Frank Mon 15th March 2004 4:08pm
Ooh! Don't you have lovely red hair!?Worried of Tolleshunt d'Arcy Mon 15th March 2004 3:49pm
Some people have more serious problems than you can ever imagine...Jon Contell Mon 15th March 2004 10:57am
Pussy MagnetAnimal Lover Sat 13th March 2004 8:49pm
The Fur TradeMr. Stephens Sat 13th March 2004 8:48pm
Hazardous super powersAnonymous Sat 13th March 2004 8:43pm
Desperately Seeking JusticeShocked of Southampton Sat 13th March 2004 8:39pm
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