A stitch in time saves pie.

This is a problem with pie's

I have never found pie's scary!!!!that was untill this one really big one was on my table at home uninvited! i think it is a evil plan to kill as my mum said it was TEA but i knew it wanted my bum bum on its face please HELP!!!!!!!!

pie man!

Hi there Pie Man,
There's nothing to be afraid of, people often think that uninvited pies are evil, but this is a gross misconception. Almost everytime you see an unexpected pie lurking it is actually God's doing. This is because as well as tasty meals, pies are actually regarded in many cultures as prophets. You just let the pie go about his/her business, and I'm sure that (s)he will let you do the same.
Give my regards to your pie,
Much love,

Auntie Greg x

P.S. Lock your bedroom door tonight just in case I'm wrong about this pie in particular. For further information on the pie front, please look up the work of two researchers/theorists, Weebl et al.

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