Greg Kiss...

Hey Greg. I have a problem that involves me, and you. My name is also Greg Kiss. You may be the only other Greg Kiss other than me ever to exist..ever. I want to know, who exactly is the real Greg Kiss? If i am Greg Kiss, and you are Greg Kiss, are we brothers? Help! :( - Greg

Greg Kiss

Hi Greg Kiss,
Wow, what a mess we have here, I had always imagined that I would be the only one out there blessed with such a name, however you have informed be that I couldn't have been more wrong. I think there is only one way to settle this temporarily, and that would be for me to use my full name, Gregory J. Kiss Esq. I'm sure you will agree that this will serve us both well in clarifying our identities in the unlikely circumstance of the pair of us mixing in the same circles socially, or otherwise.
As far as the longer term implications of your question, "who exactly is the real Greg Kiss?" there will be a trial in two weeks time at Southend Court House, where we shall both bring evidence of our dates of birth, and all the identification we own, and the winner will take all*.
Good luck,
Much love,

Auntie Greg x

P.S. *Precisely what 'all' means I am not quite sure.

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