Dear Auntie Greg. Whilst carryinng out research for my latest adult film, Different Strokes,i came across your site (and may i add, the name "4ft pimp" is rather missleading!), and it has left me somewhat perplexed. The agony solving i understand, the crossdressing i understand ( call me when i start filming " Mrs Doubtfire does Dallas", i'll make you a star), but what i cannot understand is an internet page.........(insert dramatic pause) without pornographic material of any sort. It defies all logic, not to mention the difficulty experienced in getting used to typing with two hands again.

your good friend, Heratio "i need felatio" Nelson

Sorry to say this, but you are wrong, there is porn on this site, check out the christmas photo shoot. Now that's pornograhic!
In my opinion though, no graphic sexual imagery counts as pornography unless it is Victo-Porn.
Enjoy those photos,
Much love,

Auntie Greg x
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