Dearest Greg of the auntie clan (no k's here thank you!)
I have fallen in love, but it is far from ideal, he is a strapping young lad with a lovely girlfriend and i am friends with them both. I would never try anything, I'm not that sort of person, but I do long for him ever I confined to a life of longing from afar? will i ever meet the right man? damn that man for being so nice!

yours in pride,

gary the no-trash cougar


Hello there,
Ah, love always causes so many problems and I get to hear about a lot of them. I always think that it is best to treat any man or woman who is in a relationship as if they were your brother or sister. This kills romantic urges. If this doesn't work then shame on you!

Seriously speaking, you could just come clean although I don't think it would be healthy to expect any reciprocation, as it is entirely plausible that you might just get shunned and this would hurt a great deal.

There's your two options... go forth and decide!

Much love,

Auntie Greg x
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