Neil Morrissey

Dear Antie Greg,

whats the best way of getting a bloke to "put out"? and before you ask no he is not gay.


Dear Gryselda,
Having never had any trouble with getting blokes to sexually stimulate me (mainly because I'm a lesbian auntie) I'm not really sure how to get around this one. What I would say though is that Tony from Men Behaving Badly always thought that Deborah was turned on by cheese and it all backfired in a comical manner. The real problem was that he had got really boring as well as the fact that Neil Morrissey is a twat.
This of course isn't an exact parallel but it shows that you shouldn't clutch at straws, nor should you start sleeping with Neil Morrissey however bad things might get.

Much love,

Auntie Greg x

P.S. Why not ask around at a local sexual health clinic, I'm sure they'll be able to give you some advice!

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