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Graham Walker


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Keyboards, dry wit, profanity & expletives


At the age of 8, Graham won the British Chess Championship. That was just the beginning for our little tyke, who later went on to achieve Olympic gold in Bridge! His career sadly declined when he hit the bottle aged 12. Aside from being a dab hand with his instrument, he also takes pleasure in politics, computer gaming and fine women, to varying degrees of success...

Well two out of three ain't bad :)

Vital facts:

Graham Walker

4ft Pimp position

Previous bands

Jon Lord, Ben Folds, Thelonious Monk, Alcohol

Favourite bands/artistes
Deep Purple/Jon Lord, Oscar Peterson, Fats Waller, Jools Holland, Thelonious Monk, Bud Powell, Ben Folds

All-time favourite 3 bastards

  1. Karl Rove
  2. Robert Kilroy-Silk
  3. Henry Kissinger

Films: Spinal Tap, The Usual Suspects, The Matrix
Books: The Lord of the Rings, any Terry Pratchett, 1984
TV: The League of Gentlemen, Bo Selecta, Monkey Dust

Current ear candy
Richard Cheese - People = Shit

Favourite 4ft Pimp song
Frigid Nights

Favourite cheese
Cheddar (medium)

What's yer poison?
Rum and ginger beer

Pet hates
Mediocrity in myself and others