4ft Pimp
4ft Pimp

Harder than the Average

Ambrose, Durant, Kiss, Moore, Walker

Visit Auntie Greg
Visit Auntie Greg

Verse 1
Essex County playground, this is my domain,
I help the poor and needy; so don’t just suffer with the pain,
Let me fix your broken bones and mend your bleeding limbs,
For merely £3 daily, I’ll make life look less grim.

Verse 2
Little Stuart Parker, he used to cry each day,
Now he’s never weeping cos I took his eyes away,
Susan Smith’s my lady, and will be a sexy teen,
She don’t need my services but it keeps me looking mean.

I’m a little bigger than the other kids,
I don’t fit in, but I won’t knock it,
I’m a little harder than the average child,
So at lunch time I fill my pockets.

Verse 3
These ropes ain’t just for skipping when I’ve got a better game,
Gonna tie the dinner ladies to this fucking climbing frame,
The racket makes its profits, but I’m always at a loss,
Because eight year olds are reluctant to befriend the boss.


Hold your horses now,
There’s no need to cry,
I try putting them down,
To keep me high,
I try reinvention but my slate ain’t clean,
There’s no one to break my fall,
I tell you my slate ain’t clean.



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