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4ft Pimp

Lost Cat Blues

Ambrose, Kiss

Visit Auntie Greg
Visit Auntie Greg

He must be cold, poorly, wet and old
Left with no food, no shelter and no love
Lonely, franticly,
We search for our old cat, Mog.
Will he come home? How will we know?
We search for our old cat, Mog.

We asked the neighbours if they left out any food.
Posters on lamp-posts - what else could we do?
Hurriedly, desperately,
We look for our old cat, Mog.
Did we offend him? Did we treat him wrong?
Please... where is my old cat Mog?

He's struttin' down the street, he sees his poster on the wall
On his face a grin, he's drunk on gin, he leaves his mark for all
Downtown, he sees a butcher's unattended stall
Takes half a pound of liver, hey, he hardly breaks the law
A skip in his step, no longer just a pet
This cat about town is on the road to glory!

Just one leap of faith and he will very soon be there
The tram, it goes too fast now, but that old Mog don't care
For he's off to the big city and it ain't to see the Queen
He may be cute and cuddly, but that feline sure is mean!
He's off to seek his fortune, and to get himself a lay
So you'd better watch out big city, cos our Mog is here to stay
He's here to stay... He's here to stay... He's here to stay...

He's changed his name to Carlos, he's a fan of easy livin'
He's mixin' with the big-wigs and he's pickin' up the women
Plays deadly hands of poker, and he's changin' up the chips
Impresses all the dealers with his bright and witty quips
Smokes Cuban cigars, drives powerful cars
He's a sophisticated kitty, don't need daddy any more!

Copyright © 2003 4ft Pimp