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No Ball Games


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Visit Auntie Greg

There's nothing wrong with gettin' physical
You've got to take the rub of the green,
Open plains are looking mystical
To cordon it off is obscene

We can run but we can't kick
We can walk but we can't hit
Let me loose - you're getting on my wick
Let us play

I'm after claiming back one of my civil rights
And nothing's gonna stop me
I'll roll around where I belong
Me, a ball, some posts and thee
I'll pull that signpost out of the ground
It's gonna be my fortress now

It's only being misused anyway
Nothing more than a home for dog shit
Those trees would be great as a post
But the old gardener might have a fit
The dog can run and it can crap
Pick it up, be a good chap
Mess on the grass, I'll smear it in your lap
Let us play


Let me play ×12


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