4ft Pimp
4ft Pimp

Shotgun Paradise


Visit Auntie Greg
Visit Auntie Greg

Welcome to this fine establishment - my shop!
What the...? No! Hell, no! Hands up fool!
Is that your gun, is that your real gun?
I said hands up, hands right up!

Here they are my takings: take them.
Think of the prison, think of the hell.
I don't need your grief; I need your money.
Don't turn your back asshole.


You didn't see my shotgun,
It's time to meet my shotgun.

We're living in a shotgun paradise,
Me and my shotgun - ain't we nice,
You won't see us twice.

Guitar Solo

Shot, gagged, bound and kneecapped,
Swim with the fishes; swim down to hell,
You don't need a swim - you need a coffin!
Just float away asshole...



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