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The Gurney Breakfast

Ambrose, Durant, Kiss, Moore, Walker

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Six sugars, motherlover!!!

Bringing you breakfast in bed
I ain't got no tray but it's sitting nicely in your
Lapping it up, I never knew your eggs would taste so nice
Free range, it's so strange
Ketchup on your bacon, gonna have to change the sheets
But my God it tastes so sweet
There's nothing I can't eat.

Eat from your ingredients
Would you cook 'em all for me?
Fertilised, scrambled or fried!
My mouth's watering too
I'm thinking about more of the same
Swim against the tide
I take six sugars, motherlover

Bringing you breakfast in bed
I've got an idea that you're needin' a muffin
Split you in half and squirt some filling in between
Wholegrain, don't refrain
Me are Tarzan, you is Jane - let's swing!
To my vine you will cling
I'll love you with my thing

Hair that never looked so perfect
Lips that never tasted so nice
Button-nosed, I tell ya
Did I push that right?
I've got your nose

Let's finish our breakfast in bed
Clean the crocks, such a great way to start the day
Vacuum the crumbs, yeah, suckin' all the mess away
Coffee, naturally
Six sugars, motherlover. Would you rather have tea than glee?
No pleasure is for free
Tonight the meal's on me

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