4ft Pimp
4ft Pimp

To and Fro


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Visit Auntie Greg

Twisted finger of fate in the air,
Glazed over eye held open to stare,
Right foot forward and my left leg back,
And I don't know where I'm at.

A unicorn and a one-armed man,
Empty suitcase, shot caravan,
Tripwire tied to the Holy Ghost,
And my head has gone in tow.

Obtuse neck with a lawnmower grin,
Hot rendezvous with luck's evil twin.
I don't know where I'm going; I know where I've been,
Yet I think I'm coming in.

A wish is a want with little but hope,
Three dirty pictures hung at a slope,
Five o'clock shadow and soap on a rope,
Do you think we could elope?

An empty promise grows,
Doorways closed,
To and fro.

She wore a short black skirt with a red hot smile,
Clench of her fist, I'm running a mile,
Something's down below and it ain't got style,
Now it's looking pretty... vile.

I should have come, I should have gone,
Ten minutes later I'm sitting alone,
It all came out and it all went wrong,
But it didn't hurt for long.


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